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Making The Most of Loadshedding

Loadshedding is a pain and regardless of whose fault it is, it is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

Every now and then Eskom is going to have to implement it in your area at one of the various levels. This means that it is going to impact on your business and home life. So, rather than stick your head in the sand and pretend the worst of the loadshedding is now behind us it is wise to plan ahead.

What Are Some Things You Can Do to Lessen the Impact of LoadShedding?

It might be wise to organise a UPS to protect your computers or other sensitive machinery. Many people also recommend some sort of surge protecting plugs for when the power comes back on again. Remember your insurance plan may not cover ‘surge’ damage (so maybe go check that out if you can);

A backup battery can be expensive but worth it if you have a business to run;

Another similar (but noisier) option is purchasing a generator – with the price of fuel being a factor to keep in mind, of course;

Solar chargers can be useful for when the electrical grid is down for a long time;

Small portable batteries can help recharge cell phones, keeping you in touch;

Portable lights or old fashioned candles will help prevent you from stumbling around into your furniture in the dark.

Making The Most Of Loadshedding

@ Work

If you are hit by loadshedding at work then it can be a time to do a few of the things you always plan to get to but never do:

Cleaning up;

Reorganising stock;

Tidying up storage drawers and cupboards;

Paperwork (you know on actual paper);

Loadshedding can also present you with time for meetings, strategy sessions or teambuilding.

@ Home

If hit by loadshedding at home you can also make the most of it by:

Heading out and about for some exercise;

If it is a sunny day, maybe time for a tan (don’t forget that sunblock);

Reading a book (on paper, like a real book);

Having outdoor fun as a family (maybe cycling or heading to the playground);

If loadshedding hits around dinner time and you can’t cook indoors then maybe it is time for a braai.

Loadshedding is going to come and go and you can let it ruin things for you or open up new ways to get the most out of your work and home life. Don’t just end up sitting in the dark or cruising Insta for a few hours wasting time.

These days with convenient apps and online resources, it is possible to know long in advance when your area will be hit by planned loadshedding. So, plan to make the most of those times and take steps to minimise its impact on your days and nights.