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FNB Debt Review Centre To Work Remotely

FNB’s Debt Review department has rushed to be ready for the lockdown and will have staff working remotely during the lockdown.

They have appealed to Debt Counsellors and consumers to please be understanding during the change as they do anticipate a reduction in output and an increase in turn around times.

Distressed Clients?

FNB have asked Debt Counsellors to make use of the usual Form 17.3 process for clients who are under debt stress due to the lockdown and or Covid-19 impact on their income. Please also ask the client to submit supporting documentation of the disruption so that these matters can be considered on a case by case basis.

For new clients coming into debt review as a result of Covid-19 the Debt Counsellor should attach the consumer’s supporting documentation where the first and second payments may be delayed.

Not Quite Right For Debt Review?

Furthermore, should you encounter clients that do not necessarily require debt review but do require temporary relief due to the COVID-19 impact, FNB request that you direct them to