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Statistical Returns Due By 15th August

Every 3 months Debt Counsellors have to hand in figures to the National Credit Regulator about who has applied for help (some stats). The next report for this year is due on the 15th of August 2021.

The latest report will cover the period from April 2021 – June 2021.

Debt Counsellors also make use of an online portal run by the National Credit Regulator called NCR Debt Help to capture stats about their clients. Handing in stats like this is part of Debt Counsellors’ terms and conditions of registration and does not breach POPI restrictions. That said Debt Counsellors who are updating information on their websites and POPI Manuals can include information about how they share stats with the NCR periodically.

Recently, there have been some issues with the online portal that the NCR are working on fixing. They have promised to update Debt Counsellors once this is done.


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