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Ubisoft Give Away Older Games For Free

Ubisoft logoThis year computer gaming company Ubisoft turn 30. To celebrate staying in business and making so much money they are giving away downloads of their older games for free. In total 7 games, over 7 months through to December 2016. If you are a enthusiastic game player or have kids that like to play computer games you will know how scary the prices of games can be so when some come along for free it is worth looking at if you are living on less.


So far Ubisoft have already given away the popular Prince of Persia (the sands of time) in June and in July are giving Ubisoft Club members Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell.  Ubisoft have released such game titles over the years as: Far Cry, Watch Dogs, Myst, Call of Juarez and Assassins Creed

ubi30 splinter cellTo be able to download the games you need to (have an internet connection with the required data (EG. 2 Gigs download for Splinter Cell) and a free Ubisoft Club account. The account is fortunately not too arduous to set up taking less than 5 minutes. Having the account will also give you bonuses down the line.



splinter cell header

Splinter Cell is a game all about sneaking around behind enemy lines trying not to set off alarms and is based of the Tom Clancy novels about black ops. If you are a fan of computer games and love getting something for free (the best price) then be sure not to miss out on this and the other upcoming titles over the next few months.


To join the free Ubisoft club and start downloads head over to:!/en-GB/


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