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January 2022 Fuel Price Drop

What goes up must normally come down..except when it comes to petrol prices ..well, normally. In an unusual turn of events, the fuel price is actually going to drop slightly this month (Wed 5th Jan).

2021 was a tough year and the fuel price shot up over the 12 months of the year by a whopping 37% contributing to increased food and transport costs. Oil went up by the most it had in over 10 years and though the price had been low due to the pandemic it ended higher (locally) than ever.

The rand has recently lost a little strength verse the dollar which has also meant that prices are higher overall.

Filling Up Will Be Cheaper

Petrol (93) will drop by 71 Cents and Petrol (95) will drop by 68 Cents.

Paraffin will also be dropping by 71 Cents/litre.

This will offer a little relief to financially stressed consumers. What a pleasant way to start off the year (other than Parliament burning down at the same time, of course).