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You Deserve Some Fun

Everyone deserves a little bit of fun.

Even if you are counting pennies, it is vital that your whole life is not simply paying off debts. You deserve some fun! But how do you have fun and do something a little different when you are living on less?

Here are a few suggestions that you might be able to use to spice things up a little bit. And for those planning end of year activities during the coming months there may be a money saving idea or two that can still bring the whole family together for a good time.

Baked Goods

Everyone likes something yummy to nibble.

Fire up the oven and get your bake on. Baked goods are something nice to share with your friends and it probably won’t break the bank.

Baking can also be a good way to include the kids in some everyday fun and pass skills down to the next generation. Be sure to keep an eye on the cost of fancy ingredients though. Find things that are more affordable but just as tasty and everyone wins.

Get Crafty

Even if you are not “good with your hands” or don’t view yourself as a crafty person, why not give making some home crafts a try this year?

Watch some YouTube videos or find guides online and get inspired to make something fun for the kids or to give out as gifts.

There is real satisfaction in making something with your own hands and it can be both challenging and super affordable.

A Change is as Good as a Holiday

You may not be able to head off somewhere exotic this year. But what you may be able to do is to switch things up while staying at home.

You can often do this in 2 ways:


Change things up around your place. Admit it! You probably have a list of things you need to sort out at home anyway. Maybe it’s something practical if somewhat boring like clearing out the freezer or, if you feel like something fresh, why not move your furniture around at home or slap some paint on a wall? You can often make things feel fresh and fun by doing something small like putting up a new mirror or adding a new pot plant.


Make changes to your usual routine. Have you been thinking about getting fit? Why not change things up by going for an early morning swim or cycle? Instead of staying home and feeling exhausted all weekend, maybe switch things up and go for a walk along the beach or mountains. Stay safe but get some fresh air for a change.


Do Something For Someone Else

If you are feeling bored and tired from along year, it can help to shift focus off yourself by helping others.

We often get too focused on our own needs and this can blow our problems out of proportion.

There are plenty chances to do something nice for those in need in your community or among your family and friend circle. It will not only bring them some relief it will also make you feel really satisfied.

In The Mood For A Marathon?

All your friends might be talking about getting in shape and doing marathons. Don’t feel left out.

If you want some fun for less, why not get your marathon on?

A Movie Marathon that is.

There are many marathon choices like: Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, The Marvel movies, The X-Men movies, Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean and more.

Party Time!

Parties can bankrupt you if you are not clever but with some advanced planning and sharing the load you can have a good time for less.

The trick is to keep it casual (no decorations) and simply ask everyone to bring something specific. When everyone chips in you can spend time with your favourite people for less.

Bring out Your Inner Master Chef

Similar to the baking suggestion, spending some time in the kitchen practicing your chef skills can be really rewarding. And it can be a lot cheaper than getting take out.

Try something new and use your family as your test group. There are countless sources of inspiration out there for free from TV shows to online receipts. Your family will either love it or hate it.

Regardless, how things turn out it, it will be fun to watch their faces as they bite into something new.

A Summer Of Fun

With the end of the year holidays approaching there can be some danger of overspending and feeling pressured to spend a lot of money to have a little fun.

If you are clever though you will find ways that you can have a little fun without breaking the bank. But don’t leave it up to chance. Plan ahead and you can end the year with a summer to remember.