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World Happiness Report Shows South Africans Are Not Happy

The UNO release an annual happiness report on immigration and population happiness in which they rank countries per happiness levels. Now happiness is not a straight forward thing to measure but if someone asks you if you are happy you will have a pretty good idea of whether you are or are not. The 2018 report was just released and it shows that out of the many countries researched South Africa doesn’t even make the top 100 countries.

The research asks people to take into account the countries GDP, health services and their own health. It asks about social services and whether people can rely on their family to help them. Freedom of choice and generosity are also measured and other big factors are levels of corruption and personal stress levels.

“I believe that the very purpose of our life is to seek happiness.” – Dalai Lama (Buddhist Religous Leader)

The highest scoring countries fall in and around Scandinavia where taxes are incredibly high, temperatures are cold and the standard of living is high for most citizens. Finland was the highest ranked country in the world and the top 5 countries have pretty much always been the same since the report first started.

The Dutch, Canadians and Australians also rated their happiness levels high putting them way above the USA who only came in at number 18 and the UK who came in at 19.

‘South Africa came in at number 105’

South Africa came in at number 105 just ahead of Iran (just) and fell below the Palestinian Territories an area that has been in conflict for many years now.

Want To Be Happier?

Keep It Simple. Leading a simple life without too much focus on having all the latest and best of everything all the time will help you have a happier life. Many who chase endlessly after the latest and most expensive find they are constantly disappointed.

In a study conducted in San Francisco on people who became rich earlier in life, a psychotherapist reported that for them money is the “root of stress and confusion”.

Self Worth

A feeling of personal worth and dignity are fundamental to happiness. Being in debt and being harrassed all the time can erode that feeling and make you rather feel worth less. Remember, we are more than the things we own and the money we owe other people. We are all important to our friends and family and have personal worth.

‘A feeling of personal worth and dignity are fundamental to happiness’

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Those who have nothing to look forward to report higher levels of stress and even sadness. Having something to look forward to (like paying off all your debts and being debt free) can be a big motivator and help create a sense of purpose in life. People with a religious side often report having higher levels of hope than those without.

South Africans have been going through a tough series of events for years. Many have plunged themselves into debt in a pursuit of a lifestyle beyond what they can actually afford and rather than bring happiness it has brought a lot of stress. If money problems are making you unhappy, why not talk to a professional Debt Counsellor about debt review and how to get out of debt?