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Workplace Preparedness

The Department of Employment and Labour have releases Covid-19 guidelines for getting your workplace ready for the resumption of work after the end of the lockdown.

The president recently announced that there will be a staggered return to work for various sectors and cities, towns, municipal areas. Various levels of restrictions will apply depending on where you live, the spread of the disease in the country and what industry you work in.

One of the requirements for all businesses is that they do a risk assessment and then make adjustments to their workplace set up accordingly. Training of staff is also required.

Your staff will appreciate your taking their needs and health into account when reopening the workplace which will lead to greater productivity (which will be needed since many of the precautions may slow things down somewhat).

A Risk Assessment

A Covid-19 specific risk assessment is a list of the dangerous things in the workplace that could contribute towards the spread of the disease. The risk assessment should also have a corresponding list of precautions that can be taken to reduce or eliminate the risk and who will action these precations. It would also outline what type of personal protective equipment (PPE) will be provided by the company.

‘a list of the dangerous things in the workplace that could contribute towards the spread of the disease’

In the President’s speech, he spoke about the ongoing use of facemasks (which he demonstrated himself). These are a type of PPE.

Keep A Record In Case Someone Does Get Sick

It is also good to keep a documented record of the steps you have taken before and once work reopens. You may also be required to keep a detailed list of who was entering and leaving your workplace in case there is a need to track and trace those who have been exposed. It could also help avoid any liability claims of negligence or non-compliance with regulation.

Further guidelines for various industries will be issued over time by the relevant Ministers in the days ahead as the staggered return to work begins in May.

Download the Guide HERE

COVID-19 Guideline 2020