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New Online Portal Set To Open The UIF Application Flood Gates

The Department of labour has launched an online portal for people to use to claim from the UIF Temporary Employer-Employee Scheme (TERS).

This follows several weeks of chaos where only 136 applications out of 39 000 were able to be processed. Of the other 38 864 applications over 15 000 were duplicates and over 20 000 were said to be missing required information or be in the wrong format. [

‘only 136 applications out of 39 000 were able to be processed’

The new online system is designed to be simple and user friendly. The sign up (register) process is not to onerus and can be completed fairly quickly. The system will require that users accept memorandums of understanding before it allows for the uploading of business banking info.

The site also allows you to add employees one by one instead of using an CSV file (which if that name confuses you …well, you won’t enjoy using the older system and the new one will be better for you). This is very helpful for companies with limited IT support and experience and smaller teams.

The web address is:

You can also try to call the UIF call centre on 0800 030 007

It is hoped that the new portal will assist thousand, hundreds of thousands or even millions more to apply for needed assistance during the lockdown and tough months ahead.