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When dealing with debt review matters time is of the essence so, it is helpful to have the latest accurate contact info for the different departments at a credit provider or Debt Counsellors office.

Each month Debtfree Magazine features such helpful information in our Service Directory Listing Section.

Credit provider iMas has shared their latest contact and escalation process (see below).

Contact Info

Debt Review, CLI Claims, Administration & Sequestration Telephone Number:

012 674 7000 – option 3 

These email addresses can help you get to the right people with a particular issue: – F17.1, 17.3, 17.7, Paid-up letters, Reckless Investigations documents & related queries ONLY. – Administration applications & court orders, payment schedules/reports, Sec74Q (rescission) & Sec74U (paid up) & related queries ONLY. – Voluntary surrender applications, sequestration orders, rehabilitation orders, trustees’ reports, requisition & related queries ONLY. – Death certificates, Retrenchment letters, Medical Certificates, Deceased CLI claim forms, Disability CLI claim forms, CLI approvals, Repudiation letter and related queries ONLY. – Court applications, Court/Consent Orders, complaints & related queries ONLY. – F17.2, Proposals, Refunds, CLI Cancellation, request for Balances, Settlement letters & related queries ONLY. – PDA Statements, Debit Order/Salary Stop Order Cancellations & related queries ONLY. – F17.4/F17w & Termination queries & related queries ONLY.


Please note: These contact details are primarily for use by Debt Counsellors who are handling matters for consumers under debt review.

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