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Money News

South Africa is in the process of updating its notes and coins to fresh designs.

The design changes are being made in an effort to add new security features and incorporate advanced technology to combat counterfeiting.

The new notes will supposedly also have improved durability, making them last longer in circulation, and they will feature updated designs that reflect the cultural heritage and diversity of South Africa. Some elements will be familiar like Madiba’s face and the Big 5 being on the notes (with a slightly different layout) and the colouring will be similar (but not exactly the same). So, you shouldn’t get confused and accidentally hand over the wrong note by mistake and pay hundreds of rands for your Chappies bubblegum. 

The coins will also be the same size as before, just with a different design.

The new designs will also incorporate elements that are easier for the visually impaired to identify and use, promoting inclusivity and accessibility.



Besides making the reserve bank feel good about doing something “new”, countries often make changes to their notes and coins from time to time for various reasons.

One of the main reasons is to enhance security measures and stay ahead of counterfeiters.

As technology advances, counterfeiters find new ways to copy and reproduce fake currency, so updating the designs and incorporating advanced security features to notes helps to maintain the integrity of a country’s currency and protect the economy.

Additionally, updating the currency can also have other practical benefits, such as improving durability (as is the case here), increasing efficiency in cash handling and processing, and facilitating accessibility for individuals with visual impairments.

Overall, these updates are aimed at ensuring the currency remains secure, relevant, and reflective of a nation’s evolving identity.

So, get ready for new notes that look similar but fresh with new security features and check out the designs that will be used on the coins below.