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reviewed December 2023

Making Your Debt Review Work

The debt review process helps consumers deal with their debt in a responsible but realistic way. It allows consumers to make an arrangement with their creditors for reduced payments over extended periods of time. Getting the agreements into court and getting a court order

There are several things that you can do to help make a success of your debt review.



step 1

The very first step in making a success of your debt review is to know who you are dealing with. This means that you should first do research on any firm you are planning to approach about debt review. No firm will be 100% perfect and problem free but be sure to ask around or check online about the company.

You should also know where the company is based, how to contact them and most importantly who the actual Debt Counsellor is who will be handling your matter. It is important to note that much like walking into a bank, you may not get to speak to the manager (or in this case Debt Counsellor) immediately.

The smaller the debt review practice the more likely you are to deal directly with the Debt Counsellor soon.

In larger practices, this can take some time. Some consumers never even meet or speak to their Debt Counsellor. Why not ask to chat with them or go into the office to get to see them face to face?

Regardless of what size firm you pick be sure to find out who the Debt Counsellor is and how to get hold of them. When signing up with a Debt Counselling firm they will supply you with various forms. Keep copies. These will have the contact info of the firm and Debt Counsellor’s name and NCR register number on it.

Never be shy to ask a Debt Counsellor or Debt Counselling practice to see the NCR certificate for the Debt Counsellor. This will give you added confidence in the firm and process.


Step One: Know Who You Are Dealing With


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