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NCR Circular About Finchoice

FinChoice-Logo_25x80In an unusual turn of events the National Credit Regulator (NCR) have distributed a circular seemingly on behalf of Finchoice about their contact details (in particular, the contact details for the debt review department).



DownloadYou can download the circular here:

NCR Circular 16- Finchoice Contact Details



The circular mentions that Finchoice (and FoneChoice) are doing weird stuff with their phone lines right now and want Debt Counsellors to use the following phone number when trying to reach them:

086 134 6333




10 comments on “NCR Help Finchoice

  1. I am extremely unhappy with the Debt Review Finchoice , I pay them directly every month but they say it does not show on their system even after I have sent them the bank statements and they are planning to hand me over to I don’t know who now. They NEVER NEVER answer their phone you have to hold for more than 30 minutes to go through. they say send them an e-mail and they will get back to you in one working day , and they NEVER NEVER get back to you. All I want from them is how much my balance is and the correct reference number when I pay them because the two refs they gave me they say is wrong and that’s why they cant trace my payments and what hurts the most is that I will have to pay interest for money that they say I did not pay , but that I was paying.

    • Hi Evidence,
      Finchoice is a CREDIT PROVIDER and not a debt counsellor.
      I am worried you have been lied to or misunderstood.

      I think you need to contact a proper debt counsellor who can help you go to court to get a court order to force Finchice to accept the payment arrangement.

  2. I’m on dept review and I want them to take ne out of it. I can’t get hold of them on the phone and I want them to deduct the money..I send them email and they don’t reply either.

    • That is unusual. Keep trying (don’t make the mistake of just not paying the amount due as this can cause HUGE problems).
      Maybe you should talk to your Payment Distribution Agency (who handle your monthly payments and just check your contact info for your debt counsellor) Maybe google them and see if they have updated their contact info online.

  3. I paid up my finchoice account in 2016 already but it still appears on my credit record as unpaid. I’m in need of a paid up letter and I can’t get hold of them. Need assistance

    • Have you been into a local branch? Have you tried calling them? Have you tried emailing them? Have you sent a registered letter to their office address?

    • One option you have (after you contact the credit provider directly or ask your Debt Counsellor to help) is to lodge a complaint on the credit bureaus website (fairly easy to do). They should then sort things out quickly. Just complain that the credit provider has not changed the listing.

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