NCR Quarterly Reports Due Today

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DC’s To Submit Quarterly Returns

reportThe National Credit Regulator (NCR) gathers information from Debt Counsellors every few months to help them track what is happening in the industry as well as with the individual Debt Counsellor (they also have an online system called NCR Debt Help which does the same thing).

Debt Counsellors are required to submit their stats by certain days each year. The 15th of November is one of these days.

Debt Counsellors are reminded to submit their Form 42s for the period: 1 July 2016 till 30 September 2016.

Though their are around 2500 people who have registered as a Debt Counsellor with the NCR it is estimated that around 750 are active helping consumers. Even those Debt Counsellors who are not practicing need to submit the forms in accord with their terms and conditions of registration. The NCR it seems are hoping that the higher annual renewal costs (they went up by over R600) for such Debt Counsellors might motivate these individuals to drop their registration (which means less work for the NCR).

The reports can be sent to or




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