New Coins Coming

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New Coins Coming This Year

Reaching into your pocket for some change may be something that you do less and less these days but SA has not yet moved to a coin free economy just yet.  In some countries, people bunch notes together and wrap them in elastic bands forming bricks or money to transact with. They haven’t seen coins for years. Fortunately, the Rand has not fallen quite so low just yet. So, you may be interested to know that a new series of R5 and R2 coins will soon be landing up in your pocket.

The 6 new coin designs look to highlight certain rights under the SA constitution.

The new look R5 coin celebrates 25 years of striving for freedom and has on it a line of people waiting to vote and refers back to 1994. The design was created by an artist by the name Lady Skollie. So next time you hand over a “skollie” you could be paying 5 bucks for something.

The coin highlighting children’s rights was designed by artist Neo Mahlangu.

The R2 coin showing the right to education was also designed by Neo and shows 3 levels of education.

Maaike Bakker designed the coin representing environmental rights to try to show that people have access to natural resources including food, water and air.

Riding in a taxi is just one of the many transport options available to many highlighted by artist Ratsy Knayles and also ties in nicely with the freedom to move around and chose where to stay as symbolised by the weaver bird with a key on the coin.

Using the concept of sign language artist Peter Mammes depicts the freedom of belief and religion in the final new R2 coin design.

The rand has been facing tough times recently and we may be seeing less and less of smaller coins such as cents in the coming months. Even now many shops have begun rounding up or down to avoid giving small change. Think back to the last time someone gave you a 1 cent or 2 cent coin and you will no doubt struggle to remember. We may now be more often trading in these silver coins as opposed to the old bronze babies. These 6 new look coins will be out and about later this year around August.





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