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DCs Relax At ONE Event

In typical ONE fashion, there was no massive fanfare or tons of branding at the recent afternoon braai get together hosted by ONE.

ONE offer specialist insurance for consumers under debt review (along with every other type of insurance too). They have helped many consumers save on their credit life insurance, in particular, freeing up funds to be used paying off debt while under debt review. Other service providers have been forced by regulation to follow where ONE already led the way in the past and are still struggling to try to keep up with their incredible rates and benefits (For example, ONE will cover payments for 12 months if a consumer is retrenched – contact them for more info)

The afternoon get together was a chance for Debt Counsellors to talk directly with the ONE team as well as network. Other guests nearby at the venue probably thought this was just a group of friends sitting down to a ‘lekker braai’ and catching up. For some, it was their first chance to meet many of the other Debt Counsellors in attendance. For others, it was a good chance to link up with familiar faces and discuss plans for 2020.

A big topic going around was the recent NCT Lamara R1 Million fine ruling and its subsequent appeal. Another hot topic was the delicious food kindly provided by ONE.

Guests stayed well into the evening and relaxed and enjoyed the moment to reflect on the year that lies ahead and how as an industry debt counselling is going to be very busy in 2020 assisting hundreds of thousands of consumers.

With economists painting a dismal picture of the year ahead it is likely that local business and international suppliers are going to have a tough time in 2020. Retrenchments look to be on the increase and profits on the decrease. This means that for those who are now just scraping by and living on credit to make ends meet things are going to begin to spiral out of control. They should rather seek help before things get too bad.