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Editor’s Note

The other morning I walked out my front door only to see that my doormat was missing. No, it wasn’t stolen. Seriously, if people are stealing your doormat, it might be time to consider moving. The doormat had no doubt flown away in a big storm the night before.  Of course, I had to spend about 15 minutes scouring the neighbourhood, looking behind rocks, trees and under cars on my hands and knees before I could accept the reality that it really was gone.

You see I had this overwhelming urge to know for sure, and so I went searching, hoping in vain, as it turns out, to find it, but I wanted to be certain.

‘We are tired of not knowing what’s going on with our stuff because it is irritating and sometimes even unfair’

These days’ consumers and clients want to know. We are tired of not knowing what’s going on with our stuff because it is irritating and sometimes even unfair. Especially if we complain, we want to know that something is being done about it. If we are waiting for something to be delivered (like a new doormat you buy online or something) we want to know where it is right now, and how long it will take to get to us, we want and deserve to know.

In This Issue

With the industry’s’ Annual Debt Review Awards coming up in July this year, we wanted to know how it works and what goes on behind the scenes. So, in this issue, we delve into all of that.  We also look at how companies can improve their customer service so that their clients know what’s going on.  We also catch up on all the news and goings-on from the State of the Nation to the ongoing debates around the SA Reserve Bank. We basically help you know what’s going on, and where on earth your doormat has disappeared to.

In my more imaginative moments, I like to think of our doormat making its way over the oceans like Aladdin’s magic carpet, off to a new carefree life of adventure and excitement. Reality may differ, of course, come to think of it…our neighbour down the way’s new doormat looks suspiciously similar to our missing one. Anyway, storms and possible theft aside, we hope you enjoy this issue and that this month brings you another step closer to being debt free.



This article was first featured in the June 2019 issue of Debtfree Magazine.