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Provincial Consumer Protection Offices

The government has set up several Provincial Consumer Affairs Offices to provide consumers with protection, information and advice. If you have a problem with a contract or a dispute relating to service or product quality you can approach a Provincial Consumers Affairs Office for assistance.

First, however, you should complain to the branch or customer care office of the business concerned before going to the Consumer Affairs Office to intervene. These offices should have trained staff who can advise you on your rights as a consumer.

Another service you may benefit from is contacting them to find out if a company, that you intend doing business with, has a history of complaints against it.

Contact Details:

Please note that these details may change without notifying us.

E. Cape (045)

808 4000 Pick ‘n Pay Building
Office 223
Free State Tourist Centre
60 Park Road
Gauteng (011)

355 8000 Ground Floor
Matlotlo House
94 Main Street
KwaZulu Natal (031)

310 5300 1st Floor
The Marine Building
22 Gardiner St
Mpumalanga (013)

752 3761 106 Ferreira Street
N. Cape (053)

839 4000 18-22 Stockdale Street
North West (018)

387 7700 East Wing
Ground Floor
Agri Centre Building
James a Street
Limpopo (015)

293 8300 Ismini Towers
46 Hans van Rensburg Street
W.Cape (021)

483 5133 142 Long Street
Cape Town

Some additional contact details

Gauteng – PH : 011 355 8006

Northern Cape – PH : 053 839 4000

Western Cape – PH : 080 000 7081

Eastern Cape – PH : 040 609 3050

KwaZulu Natal – PH : 031 310 5300

Limpopo- PH : 015 293 8300

North West – PH : 018 387 7872

Free State – PH : 051 400 4852

Sadly they are not known for being available or even answering their phones all the time. One solution is to visit their webpage or to contact the head office (see below).

Head Office

General Contact Information

Email Addresses

Complaints & Enquiries:


Legal Advisory:

Product Recalls:

Your Rights

If you are going to be complaining then it has to be in relation to a breach of your rights. These are rights which the Consumer Protection Act outlines as key consumer rights to protect all South African consumers.

The Right to:

  1. Equality in the Consumer Market and Protection Against Discriminatory Marketing Practices;
  2. Privacy;
  3. Choose;
  4. Disclosure of Information;
  5. Fair and Responsible Marketing;
  6. Fair and Honest Dealing;
  7. Fair, Just and Reasonable Terms and Conditions;
  8. Fair Value, Good Quality and Safety; and
  9. Accountability by Suppliers.

Also Consider Contacting the Consumer Goods And Service Ombud

Many consumer goods matters can be taken to the Consumer Goods and Services Ombud before the need to contact the NCC arises. Here is a list of their regional contacts:

Province  Contact Person  Telephone Number  E-Mail
 Western Cape  Lillian Brown  0800 007 081
 Northern Cape  Theodore Smith  053 831 5562
 North West  Keemenao Mokoena  018 387 7946
 Mpumalanga  Nation Nkosi  013 766 4952
 Limpopo  Findo Motimele  015 293 8556 /7
 KwaZulu-Natal  Tshepiso Selepe  0800 333667
 Gauteng  Reuben Sedibane  011 355 8000 / 011 355 8648
 Free State  Timothy Radikeledi  051 400 9611
Eastern Cape  Charnette Ferreira  0860 007 255 /

The National Consumer Commission Another Option

The National Consumer Commission (NCC) is the primary regulator of consumer-business interaction in South Africa, and was created by the government (under the auspices of the Department of Trade and Industry) to ensure economic welfare of consumers. They are a great resource for consumers but are normally not your first port of call as you can read in the article linked to below.



You should check out this post about what to do 


you complain to the National Consumer Commission