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Small Ways to Save Big – Transport Saving Tips

If you are finding that your transport costs have slowly been climbing as the fuel price has risen over recent years it might be time to start looking for small ways to save on these costs to stick within your means.

Car Pool

If you live and work relatively close to a colleague then this simple and relatively pain-free option can save you and your colleague a lot of money over time. True you will have to talk to them for a few minutes every day while you are still warming up to the day but it will be worth it. Next time you are in the traffic alone heading to work have a look around and see how many other cars also have only a driver and no passengers. You could save up to half your travel to and from work costs. The same applies to getting your kids to and from school.

You Need to Calm Down

If you leave early enough then you won’t have to hit the gas pedal so hard between traffic lights. Harsh acceleration and heavy braking are basically your way of throwing money away. You may even avoid the traffic altogether by heading into work a little earlier each day (and get some work done before everyone else arrives). Perhaps your boss will then even let you leave a little earlier too so you can avoid the traffic on the way home.

Save 2% on Your Petrol Costs

There is a simple way to really save a lot of petrol money over time.  According to a study removing 45kg or so of stuff out of your car (you know that rubbish in the boot that shouldn’t be there anyway) can save you between 1 and 2% depending on your car.

Save 8.3% on Your Petrol Costs

Having your car serviced can save you as much as 4% on your fuel usage while just keeping your tyres inflated to the right point can get you an extra 3.3% fuel economy. Ensuring your car is topped up on oil can also get you another 1% fuel economy. So, don’t think you are saving money by avoiding these things. it could be costing you to ignore these basic running maintenance requirements.

Petrol Pump

By following some of these simple tips you could be improving your fuel economy by around 10% and could be cutting down on your work transport costs by 50% or more.

With the price of fuel set to just carry on creeping upwards over time (the price drops a tiny bit every now and then but soon shoots up again) you should be looking for active ways to cut back on your fuel spend each month so that you don’t begin using money that is budgeted to other things and later find you have run out of cash. If you are struggling to work out your monthly budget or would like some savings tips then why not talk to a local Debt Counsellor?