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  1. i need the banking details of standard bank i have a edgars credit card thats under debt review and want to do payments into this acc so i need the acc details for internet banking my acc no is ……………..

    • Hi Fabian,
      If you would like to make additional payments then please contact your DC about it and they will help you to make the payment via your PDA.
      Otherwise you will cause confusion in the PDA’s tracking of the account and the interest due.

  2. my card no. xxxxxxxxxxxx has been paid up but we have not recieved confirmation and as a result i have over paid. I am desperately in need of a confirmation letter in this regard. you have already been contacted by the customer service person at your langeberg mall branch but as yet have not recieved any feedback.I would greatly appreciate it if i could get a letter stating that the account is clear on a standard bank letter head as i already mentioned i need it for work purposes

    • Hi Cynthia,
      To do so you should go into an ABSA branch and inquire. You have a right to information about your own accounts. If you are under debt review you should ask your PDA for a statement. Your debt counsellor should be able to help you in this regard.

  3. To my knowledge I have been on debt counsellin for the past six yrs, and recently found out I was not granted a court order due to summons, but was not informed about it, nevertheless was still making monthly payments to my debt counsellor in turn they made payments monthly, recently received a letter from Standard bank attorneys demanding my arrears to be paid or make arrangements to pay my full bond every month and I cnt afford full bond, or summons will be issued. I seriously need advice on how I can avoid all these legal battles. Thank you

    • 1) Talk to your Debt Counsellor. Visit the office if possible. Demand that the court order get done now. Be insistantt. If they refuse call the NCR and ask how to complain.
      2) You can get a court order even if one account has a summons especially if the summons is new.
      3) If you just got the summons you can go to court and ask that the account get put back into the debt review (section 86(11))
      4) If you are still only getting threats and not letters or summonses from attorneys then stress less.
      5) You may not be able to avoid these legal battles if the creditors don’t want to help you and want to waste their money.
      The good news is after fighting at court your attorney or yourself or your DC can ask the court to make the creditor pay ( a Costs order).

  4. Please forward me the person handling my account. Presently I am in Debt Review with Debt Busters Cape Town. I would like to forward you the 17.1 and the 17.2 forms.

    • Hi Mannie,
      You will need to ask either your Debt Counsellors to provide Std Bank with those forms
      or you need to contact Std Bank directly and send them on yourself.

      You can call Std Bank on: 0861 111 402 or via email:
      Remember they will want to deal with your DC rather than yourself in most cases.
      You may get through to a call centre rather than one individual who is handling your matter.

    • With debt consolidation you also only make a single payment each month (if you do it correctly) but need to sort out all the settlement of all your other debts yourself with money that the bank (any bank) gives you and close them.
      You also pay interest which will probably be higher than that which you get through debt review arrangements.

      With debt consolidation you can also go out and make further debt for yourself (sometimes) which is dangerous.

      Investigate both options and see which is better for you.
      Why not chat to a Debt Counsellor and find out what the benefits of debt review are.

      Also be sure to work out how much interest you will pay in total over the life of the new loan which a bank may grant you to “consolidate” your other loans. Make sure it saves you money.

  5. I have been under debt review since May but just received a summons to appear in court in January.I have asked my debt counsellor to furnish me proof of the court order and to date nothing.What can I do next?

    • You must make sure you submit documents to say you will go to court and argue on the day. Your DC or attorneys who are handling your debt review matter can help. Otherwise even the company who sent you the summons will help you submit documents that say you will be at court (just ask them how).

      When you go to court on the day you will have to prove that you have been paying every month and present them with proof that the creditor knows about the debt review, that payments are being made (take proof from the PDA) and any other info in regard to your situation you can think of.

      Make sure you do not ignore this!!!

  6. I applied for joint application but my wife stopped working in aug 2014 at the moment we are struggling I sometimes feel I want to get away freom debt review please I need advise and also want to know if standardbank have debt review?

    • You need to go back to your debt counsellor and discuss whether you need to take the matter back to court again and ask for a reduction . It is tricky and involves some costs but might be worth it in the long run.

  7. I am under debt review and want to know how can i get a consilidation loan. And can i go to other dc people

    • Hi Chantal,
      You are currently unable to get new credit (such as a so called consolidation loan). That said debt review saves you much more on fees and interest than a single loan with a creditor could ever do…

    • You are able to change DCs but it is tricky and not a great idea.
      It is better to try regularly communicate with your DC, visit them at their office and try to make the current relationship work.

  8. Good Day,

    My husband and I have been on debt review and is off for almost two years. Could you please tell me why Standard Bank still picks up the debt review status. We were told in the past that no creditors can hold it against you if you were on debt review but now we trying to get a bond and yet standard bank is saying that we on debt review??

    • Hi Natalie,
      Did you draw a credit bureau report before hand to check if the NCR has updated the credit bureaus?
      Did you take a copy of your (1) clearance certificate) or (2) 17.W form from the DC with you?

    • Hi V,
      you will need to ask your Debt Counsellor to assist you.

      Stds system may or may not have the correct balance on the store system so going via your Debt Counsellor is always the best way.

  9. Myself and my wife is debit review in Jan 2016 our debt was paided up. Only outstanding certificate is of my wifes Standard Back Cheque account. Our debit councillor is struggeling to get hold of anybody at standard bank.
    At the moment it is becoming a real nightmare… We would just like everything to be sorted… Hope you can help us… Otherwise we should look at alternitive means to sort out or concerns, via the NCR…

    Hope you able to assist…
    Thanking you in advance…

    • Please check the back of Debtfree DIGI magazine in the service directory section where Standard Bank list their escalations process for issue like these.

  10. I was misled and placed under debt review but I discovered it earlier stop it .but now I can’t pay my credit card can you help I sent 17.W to debtfee of standard bank if that is not the right place to send.please provide me with the right address

    • You need to deal with the Debt Counselling firm who placed you under debt review (did you sign any forms?). They can assist.
      If they refuse (if for instance you cancelled after a few months and not in the first few days) then you may have to cover the costs agreed to up front to get them to do the work.

      Alternatively you can go to the NCR and ask for help.

      You should be able to pay money into the credit card account at any Std Bank branch.

  11. My wife and I received our clearance certificates, according to standard bank, we were cleared on the 24 Nov 2015. We would like to purchase property with standard bank as we banking many years with them, we were informed there a cooling off period of 12 months from date of clearance.we have many products with std bank banking 20 yes with them, can this cooling off period be waivered, as I’m only 1 month to go but found suitable property.

    • Ask them to provide you that reason in writing…it would be interesting to see if they would write that down. It is illegal to discriminate against any consumer because of having been under debt review.

  12. Good day im already under debt review but i cant see any differnce and i dont get any statements from this debt review councillors and i cant stop this stop order from my salary can you please assist me in this matter as too any procedures that i can follow.

    • Hi Karen, Paying off debt takes a while. Your plan will tell you exactly how many months. If it has only been a short time then you will have to be patient. For example: if your plan is over 5 years and it has only been a year then…be patient. Never miss a payment and if you have ANY questions, please go talk to your debt counsellor in person if possible.

      Remember it took a long time to get into debt and will take a while to get out. Quitting half way is not wise and can cause serious problems.
      If you are not getting statements then that is a problem from your credit providers (not your debt counsellor) and your debt counsellor can help you lodge a complaint at the NCR and an application at the NCT compelling them to send you an ACCURATE statement (they often need to adjust the auto-generated computer one to reflect the proper debt review figures)

  13. I am under debt review from last year and have been paying every month,I bought the property with my sister but I am the one paying and staying in the property she is like silent partner but recently she sold her house and wanted to buy another one but could not because we bought mine together and I am under debt review please help ? what can I do to free herself from this,I can prove that I am the only person paying,she does not even have a share on the property we honestly didn’t know that if I am in trouble she will be affected, I phoned standard bank and was told to reapply for the bond but what will happen if I don’t qualify and what will happen about lawyer’s fees and transfer cost that I paid will I pay this again and how can I reapply if I am under debt review please help, I want her to be free from this and be the only one accountably as I have been paying alone.

    • It is a tricky situation. I would not advocate reapplying.

      Perhaps you can contact the NCR and ask to speak to their legal department or the debt counselling department for further advice?
      0860 NCR NCR

  14. Hi am under debt review I being getting calls from standard bank lawyers regarding to my account saying my acc are in areas but they deduct my money every month and it’s hard to find them on phone please help me what can I do

    • Step 1: If the money is being taken by debit order then go into a branch and do a “stop payment” cost is around R90 or less to get them to refuse to pay the debit order.

      Step 2: Change banks for your monthly costs- close that other account.

      Step 3: lay a complaint with the Banking ombud (google them and download and fill in the complaint form and submit it)

      Step 4: let your debt counsellor know. They will contact the bank and talk to them about money grabbing or Set off. This is serious and there are many industry agreements about it. No doubt this is messing with your ability to repay your debt review amount and still have enough for everything else.

      Remember: if you struggle to find someone on the phone…go to their branch

  15. My ID 750XXXXXXXXXX, my STD Bank credit card account was handed to legal in 2013 to date I have not been sent statements.
    Could you please email me my outstanding balance statement.


    • Jeff,
      If they did not summons you and get a judgement then…this debt is dead. Prescribed is the legal term. Gone! over! No more!
      Do not give them any money for an old debt which it is illegal for them to collect on.
      If they contact you about this debt then only talk to them about: “the debt you say i have” or ” this supposed debt”. Do not sign anything if you have not made payments on this debt for over 36 months and they have not got a court order/judgement for as according to the law it is prescribed.

      If they do have a judgement that is a different story.

    • You will have to deal direct with them as they may not check this post regularly. Maybe head to a branch? But the debt might have prescribed. Ask them if it has.

  16. I requested a paid up letter for my loan account and only to be told that Standard Bank cannot issue me with the letter because i have a credit balance on my account. i was sent a list of documents to forward of which I did however when i called to find out about the refund i was told that the paid up letter has been issued and i received the letter last friday. But the question remains what happened to my refund of which none of your consultants could assist me to date.

  17. I am under debt review but do not have a restructure proposal letter for 1 of my standard bank accounts (revolving credit) the other 3 I have finished. I am struggling to get this from them and the statements they send me do not add up to my court order schedule, i owe more now that when I started, all emails i used previously now come back by postmaster saying address couldn’t be found. Whom can i get answers from.

    • If that account was not included in the debt review (or if they did something weird and somehow split the debt and the current account) then they will ask you for account fees. You may have to fight them about that if you are not happy with SBSAs service.

      Since you are in debt review why not ask your debt counsellor to assist you in this regard?

  18. Good day
    I am under debt review and i have a court order for it. However i have received final demand letters from attorneys for one of the account under this court order. They claim this account is in default before the court order and are goind ahead obtaining a summons against me. Is this legal? my payments as required by the court order are all up to date.

    • If they went ahead and sent you some demand that you come to court then you will go and show the court an existing court order. How do you think the court is going to feel about them wasting the courts time (trust me the courts are busy) with a matter that has already been sorted out?

      You will then ask your legal representative to ask for a big costs order against them to cover the legal costs and to teach them a lesson.

      It is a good idea to send anything they send to you to your Debt Counsellor who knows your situation best. At this point, however, do not fret about being threatened with court action since…you have already been to court for the matter…

  19. I have sold my house due to not affording and now I have a short fall due teo excessive water bill from the leak that was invisible what advised would you give me ,can the banlk offer a write off of the short fall or discount as imon debt review wownt be affording the write off.

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