Stress Less

 Stress Less

It is common to be concerned about the future, but more and more these days we seem to stress about money. When dealing with debt, it can encroach on almost every part of our day. We wake up after a poor night’s sleep and instead of looking forward to the day, we have a feeling of dread. We worry; will our family have enough to eat? Will we be able to pay for school fees? Will we have enough petrol to get to work? Then when at work, rather than focusing on the task at hand, our mind wonders to thinking about how we’re going to get out of the financial hole we are in. When we see an unknown or private number on the phone we get a sinking feeling knowing that it is probably another collections agent insisting on payments. The threats of legal action and demands for immediate payment, of money we don’t have, weigh in on us. Heading home exhausted, rather than being happy to see our family, we worry about which bills have arrived during the day. All that leads to a meager dinner and another sleepless night with pains in our chest and gut as we can’t stop thinking about who to pay, with what money at the end of the month.

In such a situation it is natural to feel stuck and begin to doubt our own self-worth or to feel hopeless. Often the feeling of hopelessness comes because we have no long term plan for the future. We try to ignore the issue and distract ourselves, but the problem remains. A step in the right direction is to make a plan. However if we are unable to cut our expenses any further, and are not able to earn more money, then what can be done?

Going to a Debt Counsellor to talk about our situation is a great first step in dealing with the stress we face. Just like going to the doctor when we are sick does not cure us immediately, so too talking to a Debt Counsellor doesn’t instantly fix our situation, but it is a good start! Getting help from a professional with a fresh perspective and new suggestions is a great help. Then, when the Debt Counsellor comes back to us with a repayment plan which they are submitting to the court and it allows us to not only pay our debt, but more importantly take care of our family’s needs, it is pure joy. Now we have a manageable road map to responsibly meeting our family and debt obligations.

For the first time in months we get a good night’s sleep, we go to work knowing that at the end of the month, we will be one strep closer to paying off our debts. We eat less junk food and begin to exercise. We feel purposeful because we are accomplishing something, going somewhere. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

So, stress less and talk to a professional Debt Counsellor about your situation.



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