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The Top 10 Debt Counsellors Have Been Announced

The annual peer review for the Debt Review Awards process ended on the 31st of August this year. Now the Top 10 Debt Counsellors in each size category have been announced.

With the Annual Debt Review Awards show now only a few days away the organisers have released information about the Top 10 Debt Counsellors in each size category.

While the highest rated Debt Counsellor in each category has not yet been identified we are now able to see which practices are firmly in the running for the top spots this year. The top 10 announcement is something like a “shortlist” of those Debt Counsellors who could take the Golden Piggy Bank awards this year.

Top 5

On September 10th, 2021 the different Debt Counsellor practices that fall into the Top 5 slots in each size category will be announced during the LIVE stream on YouTube.

Also announced at the Awards show will be those 5  debt counselling practices (in the different sizes) that received the highest cumulative ratings during the Peer Reviews this year. The highest rated Debt Counsellors will receive Golden Piggy Bank awards (shipped this year rather than handed out at an in-person event, since the event will be held online).

‘The top 10 announcement is something like a “shortlist” of those Debt Counsellors who could take the Golden Piggy Bank awards this year’

Debt Counsellors are divided into the following size categories during the peer review process: Boutique, Small, Medium, Large and National.

In the two largest size categories the credit providers who participate in the peer reviews are asked to consider all the different Debt Counsellors who work together and one practice or under one brand.

See Who Made the Top 10 Now

To get all the info about the Top 10 Debt Counsellors for 2021 in the different categories head over to


Watch The Live Results Show

If you would like to watch the live Awards Show on Friday the 10th, then you can head over to the Awards YouTube Channel so long and subscribe.

Debtfree Magazine will also be sharing information on our site and social media about how to tune in over the next few days.

There will be both a debt review industry specific Pre Show from 12 noon till 2pm as well as the Awards Show from 2pm till 4pm on Friday the 10th.

All are welcome to tune in and already many Debt Counsellor Practices and Credit Provider Debt Review Departments are making plans to down tools and watch the event on the day. Some offices will watch together in person, with social distancing protocols in place, and others will all remotely tune in and watch together.

Some companies and practices will share the event over an internal Zoom or Teams meeting while others will run a Whatsapp group to chat together while watching YouTube on their own devices.

Those with Smart TVs with the YouTube App on as well as those who can cast to their device screens to TVs will be able to enjoy the show on larger screens.