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South Africans Are Working Longer Hours Than Ever

A recent report on how many hours people work each week shows that South Africans are working more hours each week since the Pandemic began.

If you are feeling tired and worn out from work it may be more than just a feeling. It might be based on the fact that most South Africans are putting in more hours at work since the Lockdown began.

It seems the switch to remote work has enabled many not only to work safely from home but also put in extra time at work each day.

38 Minutes A Day

The recent study shows that South Africans are putting in an extra 38 minutes a day (on average, of course). 

While that may sound like a fairly small figure each day it begins to add up as you consider that over a week that’s an extra 3 hours and over a month that’s an extra 12 hours. 

That means you are now doing a full day and a half of work that you probably have had to somehow squeeze into your already busy schedule. That is time you have taken from other things. Imagine what you could do with an extra day and half of “me time” each month…

No wonder you are feeling tired.