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Top 10 National Debt Counsellors 2023

The Top 10 National Debt Counsellors for 2023 have been announced.

Since 2016 the largest Debt Counselling practices in South Africa have been considered in the category: National Debt Counselling Practice.

Generally speaking, this was any Debt Counselling Practice with more than one Debt Counsellor (often there would be dozens all working together) and where the entire practice was helping more than 4000 clients at one time.

‘where the entire practice was helping more than 4000 clients at one time’

Prior to 2016 such practices had been considered among the “large” practices. As the industry grew and expanded the additional National Category was created.

Note: This year an additional sub division of the National Category has been created called National +

Here are the National Debt Counselling practices that were Top 10 rated by credit provider peer review participants this year.

Top 10 National Debt Counsellors

(in Alphabetical Order)

African Credit Union
DC Experts
Debt Co Group
Debt Restruct
My Debt Hero
YMA Consulting
Zero Debt

These practices are helping thousands of consumers every month and assisting these consumers through the tough times to a better debt free future. Well done to all the Top 10 National Debt Counselling practices.

The Top 5 and highest rated National Debt Counselling practice will be identified on the 20th of October 2023.

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