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Its Almost Here

The annual Debt Review Awards will be held in Woodmead Gauteng and live streamed via YouTube on Friday 20th October.

Friday's Line Up

Wondering what is going to happen and what to watch?

The Live Stream begins with industry specific interviews, presentations, criteria chats and insights into the legal side of debt review and the world of insurance at 12 noon on Friday.

After a short intermission, the Awards transmission continues at 2pm as guests begin to arrive at the venue.

Speeches and presentations begin at 2:30pm.

The live stream will end around 4pm after all the announcements and speeches conclude.

Guests at the venue will stay and enjoy some food, drinks, networking and conversations about the results.

You will be able to link to the YouTube live feed from various places including the Debt Review Awards website and the Debtfree Magazine website.

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