BASA’s new Debit Order cancellation forms now available

BASA – How to cancel a debit order

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For a while now there have been rumblings of new debt order cancellation documents that the Banking Association of South Africa ( BASA ) want all consumers or Debt Counsellors to use. They are now out.

You can download the Debit Order Cancellation form here: BASA Debit Order Cancellation Form

If the DC wants to cancel it

If the Debt Counsellor wants to cancel the Debit Order on behalf of the consumer then BASA ask that the DC attach the following special Power of Attorney Document. Debt Counsellors might already have a clause about the cancellation of debit orders in their current power of attorney documents but may want to add this form or amend the wording of their current forms to match this form.


You can download the new Power of Attorney to cancel debit orders here: BASA Power of Attorney


DCs should consider adding these forms to the packs they give to new clients.

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