Debtfree DIGI January 2015 – Editor’s Note

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Editor’s Note

January always seems to offer a fresh start. New opportunities to do things right. To make a success of things. It is a great feeling that last from midnight on new years till at least the second week of the year. By then, work and life has beaten the optimism out of you and the daily routine has re-established itself. All those New Year’s resolutions of weight loss and self control in the face of junk food have faded in importance and the more pressing demands of dealing with work and making ends meet have once again taken foremost position in our lives. Sad but true!

Debt Counsellors have been busy this month with consumers who overspent up until December, finally committing to doing something positive about their debt situation. Actually going into debt review, although a serious step which means that ones financial habits are about to make some big changes, is a step in the direction of finally living up to a resolution to improve ones situation this year. If that has been your resolve, then good for you. In this issue we look at a few things to watch out for. We also look at things you might do that are going to ruin your chances at making your debt review work. We also consider some things your debt counsellor might do which could do you a disservice.

We have lots of news (sadly once again another month goes by without any announcement of a date for the National Credit Amendment Act 2014 coming into effect) and an interview with a debt counsellor who is now helping other debt counsellors as well as information from all of the debt counsellor associations.

If you are still thinking about taking the positive step of entering debt review then be sure to check out the various service providers in the service directory listing section. After all, debt review is like weight loss for your debt. Cutting out the ‘junk food’ type spending and finally making your money do exercise and work for you. Burning debt rather than cash is a great move. So if you have been in debt review for a while, just joined the programme or are maybe about to start the process we wish you all the best over the next few months as you take another step closer to being debt free.


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