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Debtfree Magazine Issue #11 of 2021: Editor’s Note

Did you survive Black Friday? More importantly, did your wallet survive?

Black Friday is the international day of overspending on things you didn’t know you wanted or needed. It is a hedonistic celebration of spending. So, if you survived without going nuts, and buying all sorts of things that you don’t really need then, well done!

All the advertising surrounding Black Friday reminds us that smart marketing people spend all day figuring out what to present on your Instagram feed, Facebook account, in newspapers, on TV and Radio to convince you to go shopping. It is the same reason why you start to hear Christmas songs at the shops in November. (Eek, did they thaw Mariah Carey out early this year?).

No doubt you saw an explosion of adverts & emails over the last few weeks.  It reminds us that we are surrounded by a system that is designed to take our money at every opportunity. This is why so many people find it hard to avoid overspending, especially when everyone is offering you credit to spend in their store, rather than the shop next door. But what if we overspend for another reason?

‘we are surrounded by a system that is designed to take our money at every opportunity’

This month we ask if you might be addicted to debt. Credit can be very helpful, but on the flip side, debt is scary and stressful. So, you might think that everyone wants to get out of debt, but what if that’s not actually true. What if you, or others close to you, are addicted to debt? How would you know? Well, be sure to read the article, and think about how you really feel about debt.

We also discuss how the National Consumer Tribunal recently handed two Debt Counsellors each massive R500 000 fines. Ouch! How did they end up in this situation, and what can others learn from the rulings? If you work in the industry, be sure to have a read and see if there are things you could adjust to avoid a similar problem.

‘The end of the year is so close now, you can almost smell it’

The end of the year is so close now, you can almost smell it. For some, it will be a chance to relax, for others, it can be a super stressful time that presents many challenges. Good planning in the next few days may make all the difference. Be sure to check out our articles about Dangerous December and Saving for January.

We have jam packed the magazine, as always, with information that we hope will help you to continue your journey to financial freedom.  You will be able to catch up with financial news and find some tips and great advice on how to make the best out of being in debt review.

With 2022 around the corner, we hope you will be able to do more than just ‘survive’ the end of this year. We hope that you thrive, that you excel, that you are able to successfully navigate the weeks leading to the end of year and will soon find yourself debt free.




This article first appeared in issue #11 of 2021: Read HERE